Warm Weather Continues

It's been a nice stretch of warm temperatures as of late. To me, this is what comes to mind when you think of summer in Wisconsin. Sunshine and 80s! It's a trend set to continue into the beginning of August. But July didn't start off that way with the first couple days of the month stuck in the lower 60s, some 16 degrees below the average high temperature. That cool start still has us running about two degrees below average overall on the month. However, we are now on day twelve of 80s or greater. A stretch that started on July 17th when we hit 91°. That was a significant day as it ended a 676 day stretch where Milwaukee never reached the ninety degree mark. And from that point we've continue to stay warm in the 80s. The steering winds aloft have kept any cooler air north of the U.S. and southern and southeastern parts of the nation have been baking the past couple weeks with plenty of heat advisories there. As a large ridge of high pressure has been stewing to the south, the heat has continued and we've been tapping into the warmth here in Wisconsin.  While temperatures through the weekend should be in the 80s, some model data suggests we could tally up a couple more 90s too. We'll wait and see there!

If you're looking for relief from the heat, we've got some good news on that front too. As we get into the middle part of next week, cooler air will try and plunge in from Canada. That will bring our high temps into the low and middle 70s. Long range outlooks indicate we may trend slightly cooler again for August.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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