Warm temperatures close Ice Castles in Lake Geneva on Monday and Tuesday

NOW: Warm temperatures close Ice Castles in Lake Geneva on Monday and Tuesday

LAKE GENEVA (CBS 58) – The Ice Castles announces that it will close on Tuesday for the third day in a row because of warm temperatures.

“We are doing the best that we can to make the castle safe for them and we want to open it as soon as possible,” said Paul Malinka, Ice Castles Supervisor.

More than a dozen workers were out using chainsaws and picks to rebuild where the rain brought the castle walls down.

When we toured the Ice Castles on Monday, the walkways were slushy. Workers are trying to make sure it’s safe when it reopens.

“It’s like packed ice on the roadway all the foot traffic packs down on the floor makes it pretty slick,” said Malinka.

People like Linda Gurak came up from the Chicago area to see the ice castles. She got a refund and an email notifying her that it would be closed.

"I imagine they can't keep it open for safety reasons, things are melting,” said Gurak.

The Ice Castles released this statement: 

"Due to the continued rainy weather we've been experiencing, Ice Castles in Lake Geneva will be closed until Wednesday, February 6. It is never an easy decision to temporarily close. We know it is hard on those who have been excited to visit those days, but we do it with the guest experience and safety in mind. We are working on adding more time slots and dates to accommodate those who wish to reschedule. An automatic refund will be issued to those who have tickets for the dates we are closed. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this warm spell..."

To get updates about when the Ice Castles will be back open, click here.

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