Warm and wet meteorological spring comes to an end

NOW: Warm and wet meteorological spring comes to an end

With the end of May came an end of Meteorological Spring and June 1st kicked off Meteorological Summer! March, May and April finally saw a decent amount of rain. The three months picked up collective rainfall over 11" which is about 1.50" above-average. It's also well more than Spring 2021. Last spring was when our drought conditions began but it was this spring that finally saw that year long drought come to an end.

When it comes to temps the average temperature during March/April/May came in at 46.4*. When you put that into context it is tied for the 15th warmest Spring on record. 

Now we look ahead to June/July/August for meteorological summer. Current predictions show the warmer trend continuing with slightly above-average temperatures this summer and near average rainfall. 

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