Wanted Milwaukee Man Found in Mississippi

US Marshals confirm that Robert Dorgay, the man who cut off his GPS monitoring device in the middle of his trial, was caught Saturday in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Milwaukee man was on trial this week. Robert Dorgay was facing 7 charges: 2nd degree sexual assault, strangulation, battery, false imprisonment, intimiation, resisting arrest, and bail jumping. 

The trial continued without him and he was found guilty. He will be sentenced on September 23. Not sure when he’ll arrive back in Wisconsin.

During the trial his absence became a part of the trial. 

"They found a gps bracelet cut off, tossed into a field, and that he is not here. The state asks you to interpret that as consciousness of guilt... that's speculation. We don't know why Mr. Dorgay is not here," said Nathan Opland-Dobs, Dorgay's Defense Attorney.

"The defendant chose to continue to manipulate this system by cutting off his gps bracelet, and fleeing Milwaukee, or at least fleeing supervision. Where he was, what he's doing... why? Because he knows better than us just how guilty he is," said Jennifer Williams, Prosecuting Attorney.

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