Walker announces his plan to repeal ObamaCare

Governor Scott Walker released his health care plan to scrap President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Walker will speak about the plan in Brooklyn Center in Minnesota on Tuesday. 

Walker's plan was a 15 page release entitled \"The Day One Patient Freedom Plan: My Plan To Appeal and Replace ObamaCare.\"

According to the release, the plan would lower health insurance premiums and provide tax credits to anyone without employer-sponsored health insurance. 

Walker said his plan will improve health savings accounts and allow consumers to shop for insurance in any state. Walker believes this would increase transparency and lower costs for consumers. 

The plan addresses pre-existing conditions and costly medical conditions, according to Walker's release of the plan. 

\"Repealing ObamaCare’s essential health benefits requirement would return regulatory authority to states. The fact remains that state and local leaders are better equipped than federal bureaucrats to make state and local decisions,\" said Walker in the press release. 

Medicaid would be reformed giving states the ability to run Medicaid. 

The plan would,also, implement lawsuit reform to limit litigation.  It would establish expert reviews to determine if a doctor made a mistake. 

\"My plan fully repeals ObamaCare and replaces it with a system that puts patients and families back in charge of their health care. It provides more options and real assistance in covering the costs of health care,\" said Walker in the press release.

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