Voters in Milwaukee Can Text Questions

Bring it to the ballot.

You have seen these signs just about everywhere in Milwaukee County.

The message to make sure people bring proper identification to polling places like this one.

And a big part of that reminder campaign starts tomorrow.

The signs are on bus stops, lobbies, in the paper and over the air.

All part of the election commission's mission to make sure people have what they need.

And tomorrow they're rolling out another part of their voter education program.

Thousands of voters in the county will get a text message - reminding them to bring an id.

Whether you've registered or not people in Wisconsin can't vote without identification.

“We don't want people to forget that ID have to go home and get it then become frustrated and say well I am not going to vote because I forgot my ID. We want everyone who is eligible to cast a ballot to cast that ballot and have it counted,” Joe Czarnezki, Milwaukee County Clerk said.

The election commission also has information on standby for voters with questions.

You can text: mke (space) vote to the number 468311.

You will get a text back or email with information.

The commission says voter education is especially important this year.

They are expecting a large turnout this year because of the heated presidential race.


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