Voters in Mequon, Thiensville show up in big numbers for school board recall election

NOW: Voters in Mequon, Thiensville show up in big numbers for school board recall election

MEQUON, Wis. (CBS 58) - Voters in Mequon and Thiensville showed up in big numbers to cast their votes in the school district's recall election.

"I want this to be done. I want the election to be a concise, decisive vote for what the city wants," Nancy Urbani said.

Volunteers on both sides of the school board election spent the day doing last minute campaigning near Mequon City Hall. Nancy Urbani with the coalition to Support MTSD is making sure voters understand the ballot.

"The ballot is very confusing," she said.

The ballot does not say or clarify who is the current candidate. Urbani said it is vital voters remember exactly who they want to vote for.

"We've seen a lot of people walk in, look at the ballot, step outside, check their phone, make sure they're voting for the right names," Urbani said.

Both the Mequon and Thiensville city clerks say more than five-thousand people casted their votes early...which is about 24 percent of voters. A big turnout is also expected Tuesday with people lining up outside the doors at some locations. The city clerk said everything is basically being run the same from the November 2020 election, with the same type of ballots and machines.

"That's the one thing that will calm my nerves that regardless of the outcome, everybody has had a chance to say their peace," Urbani said.

"I have never seen this level of turnout for an election here. Needless to say not for a school board election," Scarlett Johnson said.

Scarlett Johnson is one of the lead organizers of the recall and is running for a spot on the board. She believes he large outcome is a good sign for Restore MTSD.

"I love this level of community engagement. This is great. I hope we continue to see this," Johnson said.

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