Volunteer crews from Generac in Waukesha on the way to Louisiana for Hurricane Ida relief efforts

NOW: Volunteer crews from Generac in Waukesha on the way to Louisiana for Hurricane Ida relief efforts

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Generac crews from Waukesha, Wisconsin, left for Louisiana early Tuesday, Aug. 31, to help with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts. 

For the next two days, the volunteers crews from Generac will be on the road. When they get to Louisiana, they'll meet with their Generac partner dealers, assessing situations and seeing where they are need.

Driving along with crews is another member in a large trailer filled with extra supplies to restock the cargo vans

"Each of the cargo vans is outfitted with a ton of maintenance components, items to actually fix units, first aid supplies, chain saws if we have to cut our way through some road areas and stuff like that. Really, it's everything we need to not only get to the locations but then fix and maintain the generators that we come across," said Generac Director of Global Service Operations, Jake Thomas. 

The crews expect to to in Louisiana for one to two weeks. They have others on standby if they need to stay longer.

Some of the team has volunteered for relief in the past.

"I've seen Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence and a lot of flooding. I've also seen Hurricane Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico and St. Croix," said Patrick Reimer, Generac industrial field service technician.

This will be Reimer's fourth deployment.

"Well, honestly, given what we have here, and what I've seen in the past, it feels like it's going to be all my previous experiences rolled into one," he continued.

Right now, Generac's outages map shows more than 47% of utility customers are without power in Louisiana. (The map pulls in third-party information to curate the data.)

Thomas said Generac crews will help not only their customers, but others too.

"They trusted us buying a back-up generator and we're going to get out there and try and take care of them. And we'll even take care of people that have competitive units, if we can," said Thomas.

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