Viral Facebook Post Details Possible Human Trafficking Attempt in Kenosha

NOW: Viral Facebook Post Details Possible Human Trafficking Attempt in Kenosha

Kenosha County authorities are on high alert after a Facebook post goes viral that described one woman's odd encounter at a local beach.

Investigators say the unidentified suspect may have been trying to abduct that woman.

Authorities have followed up with businesses nearby Simmons Island Park trying to get surveillance footage of the suspect because the situation may point to a larger issue: human trafficking.

A young woman put the pictures on Facebook and including description of the conversation with the man. The post has been shared close to 10,000 times.

She says the man asked questions including "Do you have any friends?", "Do you have good credit? What is your credit?", and "You have a kid so you're obviously sexually active, do you enjoy pain like that tattoo?"

She called a friend - she wrote in the post - and got out of there.

"I saw it on there and I thought it was something that I should at least look into it," Detective Tim Hackbarth of the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department said.

Detective Hackbarth handles sensitive crimes for the county and he says the type of questions being asked suggest the suspect may have been trying to take advantage of the woman who made the Facebook post.

The woman who made the post did not immediately call authorities, Hackbarth said.

Authorities recommend that if anyone notices this sort of behavior, calling 911 should be a top priority.

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