Violent thunderstorms break apart trees and damage homes

NOW: Violent thunderstorms break apart trees and damage homes

Milwaukee's south side was hit hard by thunderstorms, Thursday afternoon.

"This is one of the worst ones I've seen," said John Perry, who's been living in the same home off Howard Avenue for 30 years. Perry's surveillance camera captured the vicious thunderstorm. The wind picked up big time, in a big hurry, and took down large tree branches and limbs. It also caught the moment shingles were ripped off of his neighbor's garage, all in a very quick amount of time.

"The whole thing lasted maybe 30 seconds and it was all done with," Perry said. "Came right through."

The storm also caused a huge portion of a tree to come crashing in to Lawrence Esser's yard, leaving the chain link fence twisted.

"It was scary, you didn't know what path it was going to take or how much damage," Esser said. "Fortunately it didn't hurt anybody, you know, just the fence and the shingles on the roof."

Around the corner at the Rosado's house, a big tree fell and bent the gate on the upstairs balcony. The neighbor's trampoline was picked up, tossed around and broken. Proof positive that weather can do anything at any time. There are no reports of anyone getting hurt.

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