Village of Hartland Swim instructor accused of molesting toddler

The police department in The Village of Hartland are getting ready to hand over a child molestation case to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office.

Deputy Chief Mike Bagin confirms with CBS58 that a swim instructor in accused of touching a toddler inappropriately during a private swim lesson that happen in a person’s home.

“We do have enough to charge him,” said Bagin. However because there are potentially other victims it is an open investigation.

\"People should be made aware. Whoever else is using him for swim lessons,” said Courtney Sullivan, a mother of two boys who live in the Village of Hartland.

The swim instructor is a 47-year-old man who also has served as a lifeguard in area pools.

It just a little nerve racking. your trusting, you know, someone that your hiring and someone to help your children grow and exceed and it's heartbreaking to know that you can't trust someone. And especially in our Lake Country area, Hartland especially. It's a really safe community.”

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