Vigil to remember couple killed by driver with stolen SUV

Family and friends lit candles for two people they say never should have died, after being struck by a man driving a stolen car. Loved ones gathered at the scene of the accident to remember their loss.

74-year-old Bernard Hanson and 64 year old Mary Hanson, who went by Tina, were both hit and killed by 18-year old Michael Hobbs who was charged with the hit and run crash. Family and friends say ironically the two worked at the DMV.

The criminal complaint shows Hobbs was driving an SUV in the same area it was stolen, and witnesses said he blew a stop sign before hitting two cars. Estimates put him at 78 miles an hour in the residential neighborhood. Hanson's coworkers say the couple had such a deep love for each other, and that's how they'd want to be remembered.

Dan Rausch, a coworker says, \"There was a genuine love between the two of them. In fact the last time I saw them we were at a Brewers game. Their picture was up on the score board, we could see the affection and joy the two had.\"

As for Hobbs he has a record for stealing another car in the past. 

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