Video emerges of Racine County Rodeo disturbance

Video has surfaced giving a sense of what it looked like when several people were arrested during a Racine County rodeo and concert.

The images were taken at \"Homerun Heaven\" in the town of Yorkville.

Numerous deputies responded to reports of fighting.

One deputy used his tazer to subdue a person.

Five people were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Some in the crowd claim law enforcement went overboard.

The Racine County Sheriff says those who responded followed protocol.

\"We received a 911 call that someone was being assaulted and it was in progress,\" explained Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmalling.\"I make no excuses for their actions. We called in assistance from the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Sturtevant Police Department, Wisconsin State Patrol, just to try to gain some control of the 800 people.\"

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