Victim's Family: "Making a Murderer" is "Very One-Sided"

(CBS NEWS) Relatives of a Wisconsin woman whose murder is at the center of a popular Netflix series, say the documentary-style show unfairly portrays facts surrounding the investigation and conviction of her alleged killer.

In interviews with People magazine, members of Teresa Halbach's family called "Making a Murderer" -- which explores the conviction of former rape exoneree Steven Avery -- "very one sided."

Avery was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide in Halbach's 2005 death. Avery had been wrongfully convicted years earlier in a rape case and served 18 years in prison. He had recently sued Manitowoc County for tens of millions when he was arrested in Halbach's death.

The 10-part series raises questions about whether Avery was wrongfully convicted a second time, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, who was tried separately.

Halbach's aunt, Kay Giordana, told People, the series "is not even close to what really happened."

"That is the Avery family's side of the story. I wouldn't expect it to be different. They think he is innocent. I am not surprised," Giordana said. "I am surprised that someone would put that together in that way and have it [be] one-sided."

On Tuesday, Avery appealed his conviction.

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