Victim of Police Brutality in 2004 Arrested for Trashing Gas Station

CBS 58-- A man who got a multimillion dollar settlement after being beaten by police was arrested over the weekend.

Frank Jude Jr. allegedly trashed gas station and the incident was caught on tape.

The video shows the suspect tearing items from the shelves, but the man who shot it says this isn’t the Frank Jude he knows.

“I noticed a person in there tearing up the gas station and I got closer and noticed it was Frank Jude,” said Raymond Willis, who recorded the incident.

Willis says others people had called 911 already so he started rolling, capturing video of the suspect, Frank Jude Jr., the same man who was the victim of police brutality in 2004.

Willis says the man was shouting nonsense—saying the government was after him.

“He didn't wanna do nothing harmful,” Willis said. “It was a mental issue.”

In fact Willis says ever since being beaten by off-duty officers, Jude hasn't been the same. And despite getting a multimillion dollar settlement, Wills says Jude hasn't gotten the help he needs.

“The money didn't fix nothing,” Willis said. “It made things worse.”

Jude's attorney in this case, Jonathan Smith, who actually defended one of the officers convicted of beating Jude, told CBS 58, \"It's not surprising that he's had some difficulty and it could be attributed to what happened long ago.\"

Willis says he hopes this video shows Jude is a man in need, not a criminal.

“The message I would send, sometimes it might look like somebody is doing wrong but in all actuality, they need help,” Willis said.

Eventually police came and Jude was arrested and booked on suspected Damage to Property, Disorderly Conduct, and Bail Jumping.

Jude’s attorney says he’s waiting to see if the District attorney files charges before commenting further.

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