Vice President Pence gives tax speech in Milwaukee

NOW: Vice President Pence gives tax speech in Milwaukee

Vice President Mike Pence talked about the benefit of the republican tax overhaul on Wisconsin families during a speech at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.

"they're going to save the typical family of four in Wisconsin more than $2500 a year on their taxes, and 90 percent of working families are going to see a tax cut reflected in their paychecks if they haven't already."

The crowd was pro Donald Trump at the event, hosted by America First Policy.

"It was very good," said Binyomin Silverman, who attended the speech. "It was good to see the actual truth that is coming through."

Pence talked about building a border wall, ending the individual mandate and the tax cuts.

"This was the last time you will have to pay taxes under that old, broken system," Pence said.

Wisconsin was a key state in the presidential election. Rep. Glen Grothman, R-WI, said it makes sense Pence would come push the party agenda.

"Due to the national flavor of governor walker, of Paul Ryan, of the big role we played in the election last year, i don't think it's a coincidence that vice president pence would come here," 
Pence says he expects continued support.

"I leave here today with renewed confidence."

After the speech, Pence talked to a round table with America First Policy, and later attended a fundraiser with Gov. Scott Walker.

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