Vehicle Drives Through Ditches in Brown Deer

A vehicle was spotted driving through ditches of a neighborhood in Brown Deer.

According to Brown Deer Police, the incident occurred on Thursday in 8500 block of 56th Street.

A 17-year-old male resident reported that a vehicle drove through the ditch in his yard and continued driving westbound on W Donna Dr. through the ditches.

The teenager told police the vehicle turned north on N. 57th St. and when he went to look for it, he saw a vehicle parked nearby with severe front end damage.

Officers made contact with the owner of the parked vehicle, a 30 year old Milwaukee female.

She told police that she has not been driving her vehicle because it was immobile due to being in an accident last week.

This was confirmed from previous contacts the department has had with her regarding the damaged vehicle. Debris found on the side of the road also did not match her vehicle, which was a green Dodge Intrepid.

According to police, the debris found belonged to a silver vehicle.

Hubcaps found did not match the female’s vehicle either.

The debris field continued west on W. Donna Dr. past N. 57th St. and disappeared in the 5700 block of W. Donna Dr.

Officers were unable to locate the vehicle involved.

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