UWM to offer guidance to DACA recipient students

NOW: UWM to offer guidance to DACA recipient students


The end of DACA will impact the Milwaukee community more than you may think -- at least according to one staffer at UWM. 

There are more than 200 students at UWM who are DACA recipients, according to Alberto Maldonado, the school's Chancellor of the Hispanic Student Initiative.

"These are young people who want to contribute to American society," said Maldonado. "They want to live the American dream and get a college degree, work hard and become professionals that stay here in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin."

He says the Trump administration is missing out on a big opportunity by sending the message that future leaders, business owners and homeowners, feel as if they don't belong here.

Now the school is planning to host listening sessions and get some immigration lawyers on campus to help those students who may need help.

Meanwhile, County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic says she is concerned for families in her South side district.

"It's a call to action," she said. "If you sit on your hands and remain silent, I feel that's a tacit approval of this divisive strategy."

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