UWM students hold protest against governor's proposed cuts

Students at UWM got a lesson in civics. Outside the classroom students are protesting Governor Walker's proposal to cut 300-million-dollars from the UW system to make up for a 2-billion-dollar budget deficit.

Zach Barthel says, \"He put a freeze in for two years, that doesn't help the people coming in down the line, we need to think about not just people now but generations come through.\"

Lorna Pecard says this change will push people out of the state for higher education that is cheaper elsewhere.

Pecard says, \"I too was going to UW Madison for grad school but who knows if that program will be cut or if those teachers will be let go because we don't have the money for them. Who knows if I'll be able to afford it two years from now.\"

Students here say Walker's budget cuts shouldn't come at the expense of education.

Aisha Coursen says, \"I'm a senior and graduating but I'm really worried about the future of our school and I want my school to have a legacy to carry on.\"

Protesters say the increase in tuition will further hurt low income students.

William Guenthner says, \"My concern is that we are going to lose out of quality of education, my tuition is going up in two years, and several people are going to lose their jobs.\"

Lawmakers will have several weeks to debate the governor's proposal. 

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