UW professors propose making first two years of college free

MADISON -- Two University of Wisconsin-Madison professors want colleges to make the first-two years of education free to all. The professors say this will deal with the spiraling costs of education.

The paper published by Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab and Dr. Nancy Kend says:

\"Talented students are forgoing college because of the costs, students who start college are unable to complete because they cannot afford to continue, and even students who finish degrees may not realize all of the expected returns because of sizable debt burdens. All but the wealthiest families must borrow or pay an amount equal to or exceeding one-quarter of their annual income in order to finance attending a public 4-year college or university.\"

The professors are calling on federal and state governments to work together to change college funding models. Their paper also says, \"But the term 'free' will require redefinition from its common usage in U.S. higher education...'Free' as defined by Free Two Year College Option means that students will not face any costs for tuition, fees, books or supplies, and will receive a stipend and guaranteed employment at a living wage to cover their living expenses.\"

To read their full paper detailing plans for a free two year college option, CLICK HERE.

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