UW Health doctor donates kidney to former patient

NOW: UW Health doctor donates kidney to former patient

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- For almost as long as Dr. Djamali has been caring for patients, he's wanted to donate one of his kidneys to a patient in need of a transplant. 

Now, the doctor at UW Health in Madison finally gets to help someone in need.

Wisconsin native John Jartz had been diagnosed with a kidney disease where the organ eventually stops working.

After dialysis, Djamali transferred Jartz' care to a more specialized doctor, but the pair kept in touch.

Years later, upon hearing that Jartz was in need of a transplant, Djmali stepped in and offered his former patient his right kidney.

"Once in a while I get very deep and hit points that resonate with me for who I am, how I was raised, and it was that case with John, he was truly inspiring," said Dr. Arjang Djamali. 

Nearly one month after the transplant, Jartz now has a fully functioning kidney thanks to his former doctor.

Djamali says he was thrilled to finally be able to share a lifesaving gift to inspire others.

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