'A great honor to serve in this role': US Attorney Matthew Krueger prepares to resign

NOW: ’A great honor to serve in this role’: US Attorney Matthew Krueger prepares to resign

MIILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We are hearing from the outgoing US attorney based in Milwaukee -- Matthew Krueger. 

"It really has been awesome and a great honor to serve in this role," he said. "Part of it is saying thank you to lots and lots of people, which is fun."

Nominated by President Trump in 2018, it was announced last week that he and another Wisconsin US attorney will be replaced with Biden nominees.

Krueger talked Operation Legend, one of the more high profile missions his office worked on last summer.

The program combined the FBI and resources with its federal, state and local law enforcement partners in Milwaukee and other cities where there has been a troubling rise in violent crime.

"We do know that we apprehended a number of violent actors, so the question would be, what would have happened if they weren't apprehended? Would there have been even more violence? To that extent, I think we can be proud of how Operation Legend went," Krueger said. 

Krueger says he will soon join a private law firm.

He also called it an honor to work in the same federal courthouse where his great-grandfather worked as an IRS agent in the 1920s.

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