US Army Corp of Engineers Looking into Erosion Fears for Homes in Mount Pleasant

There are concerns for people who live along Lake Michigan in Racine County mother nature is taking away their land and putting their homes in peril.

The mayor of Mount Pleasant held a meeting with the US Army Corp of Engineers on Wednesday about the situation.

A village official here in Mount Pleasant said the only way this problem can be fixed is with federal funding.

Homeowners here are hoping that help comes fast.

Tonnie Van Putten has lived in this home on Rosalind Avenue for 30 years.

He said he lost 50 feet of his backyard this year alone. Take Mr. Van Putten told me it's been a gradual problem since he moved in thirty years ago but it's never caused him concern because it was never this bad.

He's reached out to the village about to problem in the past but there was too much red tape to get anything done.

Today the Army Corp of engineers came to town to visit with village officials and homeowners right here in this backyard.

Van Putten said he doesn't care how the village gets it done, he just doesn't want to be pushed from his home.

"I hope they can because otherwise I just have to try to move up my house and go somewhere else,” said Van Putten.

The village president said he doesn't want to speak for what the Army Corp can and cannot do just yet.

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