Update to come Wednesday on dozens of animals seized from Racine rescue

RACINE -- The Wisconsin Humane Society has acquired a short-term facility to care for dozens of animals seized from an animal rescue last week and caregivers will give a visual update on the condition of the animals Wednesday afternoon.

More than 80 dogs, 10 cats and two pigs were seized from Orphan Kanines in Racine after being found in terrible conditions.

There were piles of feces on the floor and multiple animals were stuffed in small kennels.

Rescue workers were unable to get to the animals because the smell of ammonia was so strong.\\ and a hazardous materials team was called in to assist. 

Wisconsin Humane Society officials say the discovery unveiled some of the worst conditions they've ever seen. 

Many of the animals are suffering from ear and eye infections, glaucoma, topical wounds, fleas, dental disease and paw injuries.

Debra Gray, the facility's owner, faces more than 80 charges in the case for animal mistreatment. 

CBS 58's Matt Doyle has a preview. 


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