UPDATE: Jordy Nelson thanks fans after it was announced he was out rest of the season

Packers released a statement that Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson sustained a significant right knee injury in yesterday’s game at Pittsburgh. 

He will miss the remainder of the season.

In Sunday afternoon's Packers/Steelers preseason game Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson went up for a catch and came down immediately to his knees. Nelson got up quickly and hobbled off the field.

The Packers have not said exactly what the injury is. Early reports on Sunday said the initial diagnosis was a torn ACL.

Froedtert surgeon told CBS 58 an ACL tear could mean six to eight month recovery.

Dr. Carole Vetter says while some fans were surprised Nelson ran off the field after sustaining such a serious injury, it's pretty normal since the real pain doesn't set in until it starts to swell.

Dr. Vetter told us these injuries can happen to anyone, even the most elite athletes like Nelson.

 \"I have to admit the first thing I thought was an ACL tear for him just the way that you saw his knee give out and the way he went down,\" explained Dr. Vetter in an interview with CBS 58 News on Monday. \"He was pretty sure something was wrong with his knee when he ran off the field.\"    

Dr. Vetter says it's all in the way you land from a jump.

\"If your body is in a certain position, gravity and your muscles take over and they call it the point of no return and you're in that position and it's at risk. The ligament is at risk based on landing in that awkward position which you can see on his video for sure on the way he landed and the knee shifting.\"

In 2014, Nelson had 98 receptions for 1,519 yards with 13 touchdowns for the Green Bay Packers.

Randall Cobb is expected to step into the number one receiver role.

Second year player Davante Adams and Jeff Janis will also have an increase role in the offense.

The Packers also drafted former Stanford Receiver Ty Montgomery this year.

All are expected to see more time in Jordy's absence.

Nelson thanks the fans posting on his facebook page:

\"Thank you to my family, the Packers, my friends, my partners and Packers Fans everywhere for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate your loyalty and support am looking forward to helping the team however I can as we focus on an exciting season ahead of us.\"  

Nelson was cleared to start training camp last month after off season hip surgery.

He will be 31 at the start of next season with a contract running through the 2018 season.

The Packers take on the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday in their pre-season home opener at Lambeau.

Randall Cobb sent out a tweet late Monday saying he was dedicating the season to Jordy.

Here's Cobb's statement:

\"I'm going to miss lining up next to my bro this year. He has been one of the most influential players I have ever played with on and off the field. I'm dedicating this season to him.\"

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