UPDATE: Formal charges in Milwaukee club promoter's murder

MILWAUKEE-On Tuesday, Jonathan Oliver Sellers was officially charged in connection with a deadly break in that claimed the life of a club promoter and father of two.

Sellers is the only suspect in custody who has been identified. Police confirm for CBS 58 News Tuesday night that they have a teenager and another adult male in custody for the killing of 27 year old Christopher Gray who interrupted a burglary at his home last week near 68th and Lisbon back on November 18th.

He suffered a fatal head wound.

Court documents says fingerprints belonging to Sellers were found on a shoe box and television in the victim's home.

The criminal complaint on a burglary charge details a confession attributed to Sellers which states in part:

\"Defendant Sellers states that on the  he was in a vehicle with three other individuals, known as “B”, “Red” and a juvenile with the initials M.J.

The defendant states the four of them were driving around in a Ford Taurus over to the area of where the victim lived which the defendant identified in a color photograph provided by a Google map.

The defendant states when they got to the area of N. 68th and W. Lisbon they parked the black Ford Taurus on Lisbon Avenue and they parked so they could view the area where the victim parked his vehicle.

The defendant stated that they sat outside the residence watching for some time and that they did this so that they could see when the victim was going to be leaving his residence.

The defendant stated as they sat in the black Ford Taurus watching the victim’s residence, they

eventually saw the victim leave his residence in a black 4-door vehicle. The defendant stated

that after the victim drove away in the vehicle, they waited approximately 30 minutes and that

M.J. and the defendant then exited the vehicle and approached the victims’ residence as “B”

and “Red” stayed in the vehicle waiting.

The defendant then stated that M.J. entered the residence through an open bathroom window with the light on and then opened the door for the defendant. The defendant stated that once inside M.J. and he began looking for things to steal.  The defendant stated that M.J. and the defendant then took a large flat screen television from the living room and that they took the large flat screen TV to the black Ford Taurus and placed it in the back seat.\"

The trio was not done. Based on the statements of the defendant, police say they went back into the house for video games and laptops computers. But that when they heard the garage door open, the juvenile in the group went into the kitchen and grabbed a hammer.

Sellers admitted to chasing Gray with the juvenile into an alleyway near the home and pushed the victim to the ground.

Again, quoting from the criminal complaint:

\"The defendant stated that the juvenile then took the hammer he was in possession of and

began hitting the victim in the head 3 to 4 times really hard.

The defendant stated that M.J. was hitting the victim with the hammer and that the defendant then went through the victim’s front left pants pocket and removed money and a white IPhone and that he thought the victim had a few hundred dollars in his pocket.

The defendant further states that he remembered seeing an asthma inhaler on the ground but he doesn't’t remember actually ever seeing the victim use it. Defendant stated that he grabbed the money and the white IPhone from the victim’s pants pocket, he ran down the alley and that he and the juvenile continued to run across W. Lisbon until they were picked up in an alley between W. Chambers and W. Girard by “B” and “Red” in their car.\"

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