Unseasonably warm the first week of October

NOW: Unseasonably warm the first week of October

Walking outside, and then looking at the calendar, you would have sworn it was September! The first eight days have been well above the average for temperatures. In fact, the average high the first eight days of the month was almost 75 degrees, similar to what you would see the first week of September. The warmest high was 82 degrees, and the coolest high was 67 degrees. Yes – every single high was above the average.

Why is has it been so warm? The rain for the most part has stayed away allowing for drying conditions to prevail.  Another reason - a big dome of high pressure.  This pivots warmer air in our direction coupled with sunshine.  This kind of weather pattern typically leads to above average temperatures.  This has been the trend most of Meteorological Fall.

This cannot last forever. There’s a cooldown scheduled to drop some cooler air into the region the next two days. Two storms will influence our weather; one if the cold front that will power into the region, while the second low pressure system will drive in a chance of rain late tomorrow and Wednesday morning. Any rain at this point will be beneficial!

Once the rain moves out, more warm air invades southeastern Wisconsin. The Climate Prediction Center has put all of the Midwest and Great Lakes under the “well above average temperatures” chance the next 6-14 days. It looks like the rest of the month could sta

y very mild!

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