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University of Washington projections show hundreds of COVID-19 deaths possible in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- A report predicts the COVID-19 virus will peak in late April, with 37 people dying every day in Wisconsin.

The projections from the University of Washington shows hospital demands will peak in late April in Wisconsin, falling short nearly 400 ICU beds. 

The projection also shows the state could suffer more than 1,300 deaths through early August. 

To take a look at the models, CLICK HERE

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James 58 days ago
Channel 58 is a little behind the curve on this nugget. Said study was released about a week ago. It's good that they supplied the link, but just like any computer simulation. It's only as good as the info that is fed into the scenario. I believe that Wisconsin will fare better than projected. I'm basing that on what our state and (mainly) local governments put in place early on.
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