Two Students from Waukesha West High School Find Missing Boy

Two students from Waukesha West High School found 10-year-old missing boy, Andrew Ounkham, last night. Adam Lembke and Connor Kubiak joined the search effort to find Andrew and made the 911 call.

 “I started calling his name and he turned around and looked at us, I was like alright, his name is Andrew, he's wearing a blue shirt," said Adam.

They spotted him in a cornfield, but had a hard time believing they were the ones who found him.

"Few times walking through the field, I just looked over at Adam, I was like....what is happening," said Connor.

Connor and Adam explain that when they spotted Andrew, he didn't seem like he was lost; he was even laughing. Andrew's parents were most grateful that the two teenagers noticed their son. Waukesha schools' superintendent says that it really speaks volumes to how teachers and parents are preparing these kids for life.

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