Two Skimming Devices Found in Gas Pumps in Brookfield

Two skimming devices were found inside gas pumps at the Open Pantry in Brookfield on September 6.

According to Brookfield Police Department,  a State Inspector working for Weights and Measures Petroleum Division located two skimming devices placed inside gas pumps at an Open Pantry station at 17235 W. Bluemound Road.

Those devices were placed by unknown persons.

Police do not know how long the devices were there.

The skimming devices were removed.

 It appears the suspect is targeting stations in close proximity to freeways.

The devices closely mimic the internal components of the gas pumps and are easily overlooked.

For this type of device, Brookfield Police Department is recommending the public to make sure they review their credit card statements very carefully as often as they possibly can to detect this type of fraud or any type of fraud.  

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