Two police chases end in crashes

Greenfield - Three suspects, a 18-year-old, and two 16-year-old's have been arrested. Greenfield Police told CBS 58 an officer spotted two vehicles run a stop sign along Highway 100. Police say they believe the teens stole two vehicles around the same time on Wednesday.

\"He went to stop the first vehicle, and the second vehicle impended him.\" Says, Captain Dave Patrick.

The first police chase ended at South 112th Street and Armor Avenue, where police say the 18-year-old driver crashed into a tree. No one was seriously hurt.

The second police chase ended at an apartment complex near Cortex Circle and Highway 100 about 20 minutes after the first chase around 1:30 p.m. No one was seriously hurt.

The second vehicle stolen belongs to Paul Jones. Jones told CBS 58 the car theft happened Wednesday morning, when he stopped at a gas station to fill up his tank. The Jeep was not running, but Jones admits he made the mistake, and left his keys inside.

\"The guy that opened the door for me walked out. They caught him on camera. Stole my vehicle. Greenfield Police got into a high speed chase with him out of Franklin, and he went into an apartment complex. He drove up between two of the buildings. The group left it in gear. They took off.\" Says, Paul Jones.

Police believe the two crimes may be connected. Investigators also suspect there could be a connection with other crimes that occurred overnight in the metro area.

\"West Allis had another car theft today. We had one while the whole incident was going on; had another vehicle stolen from our McDonald's on 76th. It looks like they could likely be tied together.\" Says, Captain Dave Patrick.

Police say the three teens arrested Wednesday afternoon will likely face several charges including car theft, fleeing police, and endangering safety.



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