Two new Financial Opportunity Centers open in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – There are now two more places people can get help with their finances in Milwaukee.  A neighborhood development program, Local Initiatives Support Corporation announced new Financial Opportunity centers Tuesday.

They will be located at the Milwaukee Urban League and Milwaukee Jobs Work. The centers provide financial services to people with lower incomes so they can build smart money habits.

One woman says she got help improving her credit score and is now able to buy a home.

“Shameka, my financial coach, stayed with me, stuck on me, making sure I stuck to my budget and made sure I did what I’m supposed to do and not forget to pay myself. And you want to make sure you’re focused on your goal,” said Shaunta Gibbs who used the Financial Opportunity Center.

The finance centers also help people with employment and career counseling as well as education enrollment information.

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