Two Milwaukee residents honored at the White House

MILWAUKEE-- A Milwaukee Police officer and teen community activist will be honored by the Obama Administration Monday afternoon.  Officer Bill Singleton and Erica Lofton will both be recognized through the White House's "Champions for Change" program.

Officer Singleton works with local youth in through the Office of Community Outreach and Education in Milwaukee.  He is also a member of the "Students Talking It Over with Police Program" (STOP), a program that aims to promote positive interaction between police and youth.  Officer Singleton has also partnered with Lofton and her organization "Girls in Action," to help distribute anti-violence bracelets in the community.

At just 14-years old, Lofton is already a leader in her community, as the founder of "Girls in Action," she promotes leadership among young girls.  She was moves to stand up for young people in Milwaukee after her friend Sierra Guyton was killed in a shooting last year.  Lofton testified before Milwaukee Common Council and urged city leaders to designate the month of May, as "Violence Prevention Month."

Both Officer Singleton and Lofton will be honored in Washington DC at 1:30 PM eastern time.

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