Two Men Facing Burglary Charges After Victim Sees Stolen Items for Sale on Facebook

RACINE COUNTY - Two men are facing burglary charges after stealing from a home and posting the items for sale on Facebook.

On February 14th, officers were dispatched to a home in Mount Pleasant for a report of a burglary. The homeowner and her daughter stated that they arrived home and noticed that the kitchen door was open. The daughter noticed that her brothers PS4 was missing. Also missing from the home were other items in the brother's bedroom including two controllers, two watches, a gold chain, a yellow backpack, and a set of headphones.

The victims mentioned Terrance Grayson as a possible suspect. Dispatch then took a call that the victim had located a Facebook group where the stolen property was being sold on the Racine Shoe Exchange by Grayson.  

Officers initiated a stop on a vehicle occupied by Grayson and Christopher Cosey. Grayson passed the yellow backpack to Cosey. They were detained and found to be inpossessionn of guns which later were determined to be BB guns that appeared to be actual firearms.

The backpack was recovered and it contained the items removed from the victim's bedroom.

Cosey admitted to officers that he and Grayson entered the victim's house and took the property.

The two now face charges of Burglary - Building or Dwelling and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

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