Two dogs shot in Walworth County


Walworth County - The Walworth County Sheriff's Office is seeking information in the shooting of two dogs near the Wisconsin Illinois state line in Walworth Township.

The incident took place on Monday, October 6th between 10:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m.

Investigators say the dogs were shot by what appears to be a .22 caliber weapon.

The dogs involved were a Bull Mastiff and a German Sheppard mix.

Dually, the one-year-old Bull Mastiff survived the shooting.

Jack, the 10-month-old German Sheppard mix died from a single gunshot.

CBS 58 spoke with the dog's owner, Susan Carlson.

Carlson told CBS 58 the family let their dogs run around in their yard Monday evening on State Line Road in Walworth Township.

The dogs were left unattended for only a few minutes, according to Carlson.

When Dually returned to the house, the family noticed the dog had been shot.

After searching for some time, the family found Jack dead under a tree in the front yard.

“We don't know if the dogs ran off the property or near the property.” Susan Carlson.

Carlson told CBS 58 the family did not hear any gunshots fired.

With no suspects in custody, the recent shooting has the family concerned.

\"Now my kids are scared to go the road thinking they might get shot, like who would do that. So, we're really looking for any information who could have done that.\" Susan Carlson.

Anyone with information on the incident and would like to remain anonymous can call the Walworth County Sheriff's Office at 262-723-2677.


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