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Two brain surgeries after Hartford Union football player tackled

GERMANTOWN- \"We kind of go minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, we're not planning tomorrow, we have to deal with today first.\"

The scars on 16-year-old Adam Heimermann's head are a play by play reminder of august 28th, a Thursday night game between Hartford Union and Germantown.

\"I hit heads with another kid, and then my head started to feel like a swelling,\" Adam said.

The team player tried to tough it out, continuing for a couple more plays, but it got worse.

\"It felt like my head was like a balloon, like it was trying to expand but it couldn't.\"

Things went downhill and fast. Heimermann was taken to Hartford Hospital then flown to Children's Hospital for emergency surgery. His condition, at first thought a simple concussion, was much worse. Adam’s mother Sheila Heimermann describes what happened.

\"He was hit and then you know, your head goes one way, and your brain goes the other and kind of sloshes and it pulls and the pulling broke a blood vessel.\"

Adam had a concussion, blood on the brain, his skull had to be cut open and fluid drained. Doctors said he would recover, but a month later immense pain showed the swelling and fluid had returned. Adam's football days are over. His mother said he dreamed of one day playing for the Packers.

\"Losing a dream is hard,” she said.

The other player Adam collided with walked away uninjured from the game. Adam may face long-term medical issues.

In support, Adam's Germantown rivals held a fundraiser to help with medical costs. Another one is also in the works for Saturday, October 18th. There will be a brat fry at the Hartford Walmart from 10 am – 3 pm. You can also donate thru paypal to forteamadam@gmail.com, another account is set up at Westbury Bank where you can deposit into “Team Adam Heimermann.”


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