Two Arrested for the Carjacking on Montana Street with an Baby in the Backseat

Milwaukee Police have arrested two Milwaukee men related to the May 23rd carjacking and taking an infant at 66th and Montana Street. 

The case against them will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days and the investigation is ongoing.  

After getting carjacked before 7 am - this mother - didn't want to show her face but says she's not really scared..just downright angry.
"Taking a car from an adult is one thing but to endanger the life of a one month old is beyond ridiculous to me," says the woman.
Driving on 66th and Montana she'd just dropped her older son off at school and was headed home.
"All of a sudden a black car came up really fast behind me. Once I stopped they ended up rear ending me," the woman says.
She got out of the car got ready to exchange information with the drivers However, she says two men pushed her to the ground - and hopped in with this little guy sleeping in the back seat.
"I was just banging on the window screaming for them not to take my baby," she says.
As she held onto the car, they dragged her down the street.
"I was shaking, I was crying I was screaming," says the mother.
After a few blocks - she says they stopped - and put the baby and his car-seat on the sidewalk.
"He just kind of slept through the whole thing. Luckily I have a great neighborhood that actually came to my aid. A lot of people came out to see if I was okay, and call the police for me. You couldn't ask for much better than that," says the mother.
However if there's one thing she's learned
"I will never get out of my car again. I will lock my doors, keep my window up and I will just call the police from my car. If somebody comes up to my window I am just going to shake my head and tell them we will deal with the cops through the window. Because I am never going to take this chance again," says the mother.

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