Two arrested after stealing vehicle parts from car dealer in Racine County

While on patrol, deputies with the Racine County Sheriff's Office received information from security personnel at a business that they had observed people with flashlights behind a neighboring business.

The incident happened on July 3rd at approximately 1:56 AM

A deputy that was in the area found two individuals’ behind Zarate’s Auto Sales 355 S. 27th St. in the Town of Raymond. It appeared that they were loading vehicle parts into their vehicle.

In speaking with the male and female, they stated they had permission from the owner of the business to take some of the scrap auto parts. The business owner responded to the business and he stated he did not know either of the suspects nor the person they stated gave them permission to remove the parts.

Both suspects were arrested and are being held at the Racine County Jail on criminal charges. They were also issued Trespassing Citations.

The suspects have been arrested as 30-year-old Adam Wilson from Racine and 31-year-old Tara Wilson from Racine. 

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