Turn clocks back one hour this weekend, sunsets before 5 pm start Sunday

The fall days are slowly dwindling as we enter the colder part of the year in southeastern Wisconsin. The average high this time of year is down in the low 50s, and we are anticipating an outbreak of chilly air next week. It’s not a surprise to anyone that daylight saving time is ending already.

Before you go to bed on Saturday night, switch those clocks back one hour. The good news is we will gain an hour of sleep; the not so good news is sunsets will be before 5 pm until January 30th. The days continue to shrink by just over two and a half minutes per day.  The earliest sunset is on December 6th, which is 4:16 pm.

There will be two more sunsets after 5 pm: one today and one tomorrow, before the change. Daylight saving time is back on Sunday, March 10th, 2019.

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