Turkeys are a common sight in Wauwatosa, officials are offering tips to help coexist 🦃

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Turkeys are a common sight in Wauwatosa.

On Friday, July 30, the Wauwatosa Health Department encouraged residents to let wildlife, including turkeys, coexist in the urban landscape.

Officials say turkeys have adapted well to urban environments. 

"While many people enjoy seeing them, they can become a nuisance and cause problems," the Wauwatosa Health Department tweeted.

Here are some hot tips for urban turkey management, according to officials:

  • Do not feed the turkeys
  • Remove birdseed from the ground to eliminate an easy food source
  • Collect fruits or nuts that fall from trees and dispose of them off your property
  • Use predator decoys, sticks, and noise machines on fences; move objects frequently to keep turkeys on edge

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