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TSA agent killed in shooting at Los Angeles International Airport

LOS ANGELES --Authorities have now identified the airport gunman as 23 year old Paul Ciancia, a Los Angeles resident with anti-government views.


It was also revealed late Friday that Ciancia was shot several times in the chest during his confrontation with airport police.


He survived and is now under guard at the UCLA Medical Center.


Ciancia apparently has two addresses, one in L.A. and another in New Jersey where federal agents are searching as of Friday night.


Authorities believe he acted alone and that in the hours leading up the shooting, his family actually called police because they were concerned about him committing suicide.


Cell phone video from inside the airport shows panicked travelers running for the exits ad police tracked down the gunman.


Among the crowd was  Leon Saryan of Greenfield.


\"I had just gotten through the security the with the X ray machine I had my shoes off and my belt off and as I was walking through when I heard shots. I didn't know what was happening and I didn't turn around to look. The shots were coming from behind me and the TSA agent that was near me urged me to grab my stuff and go. He saw that I didn't have my shoes on and so he grabbed the shoes and the two of us started running down the corridor towards the gate. More shots rang out and this agent got hit.\"

Saryan says he and the gunman eventually did come face to face and that he asked Saryan if he was T.S.A.


Saryan said no and the gunman moved on.




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