Trump campaign adjusts to COVID-19 hospitalization

NOW: Trump campaign adjusts to COVID-19 hospitalization

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Despite President Donald Trump's improving health, he is still currently out of commission for in-person campaign events with the election just 29 days away. That has both the Trump and Biden campaigns adjusting strategies. 

Ballots are coming in to Milwaukee's City Hall on a daily basis, and the timing of President Trump's hospitalization left the campaign very little time to react on the fly. 

As the Trump campaign adjusts to the President's battle with COVID-19, Wisconsin voters are handing in ballots earlier than normal. 

Pres. Trump's positive test did not change the vote for anyone CBS 58 talked to on Monday, Oct. 5, but they did hope it would cause change. 

“Hopefully this changes his party’s opinion on it," said Adonis Nash, voter. 

“I hope Trump contracting the coronavirus makes people take it a little more seriously," another voter said. 

While President Trump recovers, the campaign says Vice President Mike Pence, top campaign officials -- and later this week -- the first family will continue to carry out in-person events. 

The Trump campaign says they will listen to doctors and hope Pres. Trump can resume his rallies the way he held them before. 

“We at the campaign have always provided the guidance of ensuring that people would be encouraged to wear the mask, we do the temperature checks, there is hand sanitizer," said Trump Campaign Senior Advisor Mercedes Schlapp. 

The Wisconsin director for Biden's campaign says they have been continuing their course of action for several weeks, and they are ready for the home stretch. 

“We’re going to be ramping up on all cylinders especially as it relates to our organizing. We’ve run an incredibly strong, coordinated campaign since day one, contacting voters in every corner of the state," said Biden Campaign Wisconsin Director Danielle Melfi. 

The Biden campaign pulled negative ads about Pres. Trump after his coronavirus diagnosis. They would not comment on how long they would keep them off the air.

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