Trouble in Toyland: List highlights most dangerous toys for kids in 2017

Trouble in Toyland: List highlights most dangerous toys for kids in 2017

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The FBI is getting involved with our Christmas shopping, warning us our kids could be talking directly with hackers while playing with a new doll.

“It can collect kids’ personal information, kids talk to the doll and give it their name, maybe where they go to school, things like that and the FBI is warning parents to look into cyber-security before bringing toys like this into their homes,” says Peter Skopec with WISPIRG.

The information is coming from a WISPIRG “Trouble in Toyland” story released Tuesday, warning gift givers to leave some items off Christmas lists.

The toys include fidget spinners that contain high amounts of lead that can damage the way our kids learn and pose choking hazards as well as dolls and other electronics that are connected to WiFi.

The FBI warns that those devices could be hacked and are even banned in some countries because they have the potential to steal our kids’ information through the World Wide Web.

“You should be really careful about what you’re bringing into your home and think of your kids’ privacy,” says Skopec.

Balloons, small batteries, and magnets are also choking hazards. As for other parts, if your child is under age three, do the toilet paper test. If a toy can’t fit through the toilet paper roll, it needs to stay away from your little ones.

See the full report of toys to avoid below.

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