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Triplets, younger brother from Brookfield East High School competing in state tennis tournament

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) – Four brothers will compete in the Division One State Tennis Tournament.

Colin, Andrew, and Jonathan are triplets. Christopher is their younger brother by only 15 months.

The Knutson brothers make up the Brookfield East Singles line-up. Head coach Linda Lied says it’s easy to tell them apart on and off the court.

“How they play is very different. Each one of them has a very distinct style,” Lied said.

The triplets started playing Tennis ten years ago.

All four brothers have a competitive spirit and as you’d expect that can come out at practice.

“Losing teaches you lessons but winning, winning’s like that dessert, that chocolate cake,” said sophomore Jonathan Knutson.

“I guess the way we take it out is just trying to beat each other so we can go home and brag about it,” sophomore Andrew Knutson said.

“If we're in a really bad mood then it gets really competitive,” freshman Christopher Knutson said.

“But then after the match when we're off the court, it's back to normal,” sophomore Colin Knutson told CBS 58.

The tournament starts Friday in Madison.

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