Triple-Digit Heat Fades For the Season

NOW: Triple-Digit Heat Fades For the Season

You can feel it in the air, that fall feel! Check out the morning low temps across the region:

 While many of us find this cooler, less humid trend refreshing, some folks (like me) are not ready for fall weather to stay just yet. And no worries, Milwaukee has never recorded temps as cool as the 30s in the month of August, unlike our Northwoods friends.
 This is the time of the year when Lake Michigan is kind to us.
 We'll continue to have an onshore breeze right through the weekend. Notice that water temperatures are at their warmest point in the season in the middle 70s. That keeps places like Milwaukee mild during the day and relatively warmer at night. That said, we are passing a milestone in our warm season. The last opportunity for triple-digit heat, per the records, ends tomorrow.
  The next time we have temps recorded as high as the century mark is June 1st. But that doesn't mean the heat is totally done for the season. As we now have September sneaking into our 10-day forecast, it's time to talk about the next month of weather. September is a transition season as we head into autumn, but it can still provide very warm weather. Milwaukee averages one day in the 90s during September and most years in recent past have recorded a handful of hot days. Check it out:
 As of now, I don't see any real strong heat as the month gets underway, think more of the 70s. But there will still be some warm days to look forward to and as the only station that provides you with a 10-day forecast, we'll be the first ones to let you know when more heat is on the way.

In the meantime a gorgeous weekend is on the way! Look for highs in the middle 70s Saturday and Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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