"Trends Change, Palates Change:" Check Out the New Food and Drinks Coming to Miller Park this Season

NOW: “Trends Change, Palates Change:“ Check Out the New Food and Drinks Coming to Miller Park this Season

Brewers Opening Day is just days away and we found out what the new food and beverage experience will be like at Miller Park.

"First Base ward part of the Brewers' new food and beverage experience. This renovation is the largest in Miller Park history. You'll find 11 new concession stands and 3 new bars this year."

"Trends change, palates change. Everybody wants what's new," said Chef Seth VanderLaan.

And that's what you'll find at Miller Park. A comprehensive rebuild of the food and beverage infrastructure, accompanied by, of course, new food and drinks.

"We want people to come here, enjoy a game, and enjoy a high-quality dining experience like they would at a restaurant."

Go hungry because there's a new line of speciality tacos, Zaffiro's Pizza, Smoke Shack Barbeque. 

AJ Bomber's Burgers and a twist on a ballpark classic. And what's a ball game without a beer? Especially in Wisconsin.

You'll find a brand new "Local Brews Craft Beer Bar" and Brandy Old Fashioned on tap on the Loge Level.

You'll also find new features on the MLB Ballpark app including a food and drink finder to help you navigate through the concourse.

"If the food is great, but nobody knows where it is, that doesn't help. We want people to be informed and find things accessible."

The app is free to download. Another really cool upgrade this year - Bernie Bot. It basically gives you the ability to text guest services. Say there's a fan who's had one too many drinks sitting next to you, you can text the app and it will tell you what to do. 

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