Train Cars Derail Behind Wauwatosa Home Depot

Union Pacific Railroad Company is working to clean up a four-car train derailment that happened Sunday evening behind the Wauwatosa Home Depot North of West Capitol Drive.

Authorities said there is no danger to the public. Equipment specifically designed to lift train cars arrived late Sunday night.

About four cars - two box cars and two covered hopper cars - bent across three rail lines. Union Pacific officials have not said what are in the cars but Andrew Roach (who takes his train watching hobby seriously) says covered hopper cars typically carry food or sand.

"Typically speaking it's used to carry anything you want to keep dry," Roach said.

Authorities said no injuries resulted from the derailment. Some people at the scene said it could have been much worse.

"It's more common than you think," Roach said. "I've got photos I took of a small derailment, 2-3 cars, right about right here," Roach said.

No timeline has been released as to when the cleanup may be completed but traffic is not effected by the derailment at this time.

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