Tow Truck Thieves

MILWAUKEE- Police in Milwaukee say stealing cars is being taken to a whole new level in in the city.

MPD said over the last two years they've noticed more and more tow truck drivers stealing cars across the city and bringing them to willing scrap yards for the cash.

Police are not talking about cars illegally parked or disabled.

These are perfectly fine, perfectly operational cars, that are legitimately parked .

Recently Milwaukee Police recently started inspecting tow companies because of what they're seeing on the streets.

It's happening in two ways, for starters, there are some tow trucks that are just hooking vehicles, stealing them, and junking them.

The biggest problem for police comes from the MV 2459 form.

Scrap yards are also a major issue.

Just last month the owner of Seven Stars Auto Salvage in Milwaukee was charged with 12 counts of being a salvage dealer without a license.

The criminal complaints said the owner junked vehicles and failed to report them 387 times in 2013.

The illegal operations also hurt businesses doing it the right way because, as tow truck driver Ed told CBS 58, it takes money out of their pockets.

Those we spoke with said Police are still on the lookout and agreed they'd like to see the MV 2459 form go away.


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