Tornadoes confirmed in Wisconsin

La Crosse-The National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes in Platteville, Grant County.

A single twister touched down Monday night in Blanchardville in Green County.

Dane County got the worst of it where one tornado touched down in Verona and tracked northeast into Madison.

The damage was especially bad in Verona, a community located just southwest of Madison.

19 homes in the Kettle Hills neighborhood were left heavily damaged.

150 others sustained minor damage.

A grade school there was also destroyed.

\"One of the rotations actually drifted northward into the other one as this whole thing was spinning,\" said Steve Bruekse a National Weather Service Meteorologist. \"Th two appeared to merge on the radar over Verona here and that is consistent with intensifying, so that's why we have certainly more extensive damage here in Verona.\"

Shane Kaatz, a homeowner in Verona, showed CBS 58 News how pieces of wood became lodge in his home.

He says patio furniture from behind the house was driven all the way into his daughter's second floor room on the side of the house.

Here is CBS 58's team coverage from 5 p.m.

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