Tips and DNA could lead to arrest in Racine Police Officer's death

NOW: Tips and DNA could lead to arrest in Racine Police Officer’s death

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Authorities are still searching for the shooter responsible for Racine Police Officer John Hetland's death. 

Officer Hetland was off-duty when police say a masked gunman tried to rob Teezers Tavern in Racine Monday night. 

Hetland tried to stop the armed suspect but was shot and killed. The shooter ran off. 

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says they've received more than 100 tips and investigators have spent countless hours following up on them, but they have not lead to an arrest so far. 

They are now waiting for the state crime lab to send them the DNA results from the DNA they collected from Teezers Tavern. They will then check their database to see if the suspect has a criminal background. The results are expected in a few days. 

Sheriff Beth says the suspect was in the bar for only about a minute when he shot and killed Racine Officer John Hetland Monday night. 

He says there were about 20 people in the bar at the time, many giving descriptions of the suspect.

The Sheriff says he watched the surveillance video and that it was incredibly tough to watch. 

"Where everything unfolded within just a few seconds and you actually saw an officer lose his life in that scene in that video and you know he's not coming back. You know that now especially he's got two kids. He's got family. He's got connections to officers and people all throughout Kenosha and Racine and you watched his last moments on Earth. It was very difficult," Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said. 

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest: $20,000 from the FBI and $5,000 from a local company. 

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